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CONCEPT BRIEF: Design and create a series of prints utilizing one of the methods learned in the printmaking class.

This project was to design a print that showed something you were passionate about. For this print I chose to do a large series of nearly fifty individual prints with a five-color process. The screen prints were done using white and off-white paper as well as old topography maps that were bought from the CSUC geography club. The poster features the gear commonly used on backpacking trips. The design was sketched out, then cleaned up in illustrator and divided into the color separations where they were burned into screens and screen printed.

PROGRAM USED:  Illustrator

TOOL USED: Screen printing press


CONCEPT BRIEF: Design a logo for the card company,

Pretzel Mountain.

This is a personal project for a card company that my sister and I are creating. We live and hike in the mountains, are German and love pretzels, hence Pretzel Mountain. I designed the logo in the shape of a pretzel but tried to create the illusion of mountain peaks by forming pretzel into geometric triangles. I used a rounded typeface to keep the curved outline and the type consistent.

PROGRAM USED:  Illustrator


CONCEPT BRIEF: Design a logo to be used by a the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Chico State.

For this project I chose a condensed sans serif for the type of the logo to keep it clean and modern. I chose organic looking colors to fit in with the biochem theme. The ampersand features a beaker emitting steam which is a fairly common symbol for both biochemistry and chemistry but I tried to use it in a way without it being cliche. 

PROGRAM USED:  Illustrator

INTERNSHIP CLIENT: Chem & Biochem Department, CSU Chico 


CONCEPT BRIEF: Design a logo for the CSU Chico PRISMS grant program.

This project was to design a logo for the 6.5 Million dollar grant that the CSU Chico Education Department received.  PRISMS stands for "Promoting Rural Improvement in Secondary Mathematics and Science." The logo is meant to resemble a strand of wheat to promote rural aspect of the program. It can also be viewed as books or building blocks both of which further the learning theme. 

PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator

INTERNSHIP CLIENT: Education Department, CSU Chico 



CONCEPT BRIEF: Design an invitation for the College of Communication coffee social

PROGRAMS USED:  InDesign, Photoshop

INTERNSHIP CLIENT: College of Communication & Education, CSU Chico 


CONCEPT BRIEF: Design a logo to be used by a recreational swim team with ages ranging from four to eighteen. Logo will be used on apparel, banners, flyers and other promotional goods. The TS mark will be used in other applications like embroidering suits or printing on caps. The three slashes are supposed to look like gills and claw marks to seem sort of ferocious.

PROGRAM USED:  Illustrator

FREELANCE CLIENT: Orangevale Tiger Sharks Swim Team

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