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CONCEPT BRIEF: Design a package for multiple types of seeds

Hazelfield Farm Seeds - Package

These seed packages are designed to appeal to someone who is interested in growing a garden and are looking for an organic variety. The front is kept very simple so the consumer can see what they are grabbing at just a quick glance. The typeface is varying thicknesses of Bebas and is minimal stating only that the seeds are organic, their variety, and the vegetable type. The back of the packages show the planting instructions in a similar type treatment as the front. Since most seed packages are photographs the plan was design a package that would stand out from the other brands. The brown craft paper and watercolor treatment is used to further emphasize the organic and earthy nature of this product. The brand for Hazelfield Farms is a simple line translation of a watering can which is essential to all gardens. The name was originally The Seed Collective but was changed to feel more like a small personal farm.

PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator, Photoshop


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