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CONCEPT BRIEF: Design a label and capsule for a system of olive oil bottles using hand lettering.

FRUTO - Olive Oil Bottle Labels and Capsules

The focus of this project was to design a labeling system for a series of olive oil bottles using handmade letterforms and typography. The name, Fruto, comes from a town located near Chico and translates to “produce”. The town of Fruto is known for its fruit orchards, which include walnut, figs, olives, cherries, and more.

The product as a whole was designed to look rustic to show the town’s history but with modern aspects to appeal to a higher end consumer base. All of the typography was hand lettered on Illustrator.  The capsules were designed to mimic the type of soil olive oil trees thrive in and were molded from clay, sanded to look more geometric to match the lettering, and spray painted for texture. 

PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator, InDesign

MATERIALS USED: Kraft paper, clay, spray paint


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