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CONCEPT BRIEF: Design an app that meets the needs of the modern backpacker.

Nobo Trek - App Design

This app was designed for the modern hiker and backpacker to have a social outlet and for them to be as safe as possible on their trips. The name comes from the hiker slang “nobo” meaning northbound and trek refers to the hike itself. As a whole, the name is mean to imply a forward and positive movement while and still being unique but easily said and remembered. Nobo Trek has a newsfeed for members to share their trips, photos and to share with other members of the hiking community. It also has information such as statistics and past trip information for the user to look back on to review. There is also an option to search and explore documented hiking paths nearby, by type (e.g. a loop, water destination, for the view), distance, or rating. The user also has the option to track their hikes which measure speed, elevation, and water consumption. This feature also makes the user text people not on the hike to encourage safe hiking and alerts users to possible dangerous encounters. Finally the app also features a trip planning option for people to prepare for specific clothing needs for different seasons and food and water option for people to work out how much they will need on their own or in a group. Lastly, the app features a gear exchange for people to get rid of gear that didn’t work out for them.

PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator, Photoshop

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