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CONCEPT BRIEF: Design a new logo for the Orangevale Tiger Sharks Recreational Swim Team.


This project was for a recreational summer swim team that needed their logo and mark updated. The original logo featured a static grey shark with a goofy grin that didn't fully represent the full range of ages and athleticism of the team. The new logo was modeled after a prop used by the team as their mascot at their meets. The new shark is designed to show some momentum and movement as well as some fierceness that competition ignites in people. The new logo is meant to appeal all ages, from the six and under age group to the eighteen year olds on the team and the parents to all of them.

The TS  logo was designed for the front of sweatshirts, to be printed on caps and embroidered on suits. The original mark featured a bite taken out of the TS  while the new one used the gills of the shark as a background which is also reminiscent of a claw mark.

PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator

FREELANCE CLIENT: Orangevale Tiger Sharks Recreational Swim Team

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